Growing Up Green

Lots of tasty vegetables

Our food and menus

Sue and Heather our fantastic chefs have had many years of catering experience between them. As an integral part of our nurseries they work hard to source organic produce and dishes for the children and are continuously creating new and innovative meals, full of flavours and textures. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and the children really love their food!

Our dishes are made from mainly organic ingredients, and are GM free. We use non organic alternatives when an organic option is not available. Each meal is carefully thought out with the right nutritional balance for under 5’s. We use the eat well plate and advice from ‘change 4 life’ as well as working with Brighton and Hove’s Healthy Choice Award team to make sure that children are provided with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, carbohydrates, oily fish and proteins. We now hold the Gold Healthy Choice Award. Meals are planned with a balance of vitamins and minerals and we never add sugar or salt to our meals.

Mealtimes are a special and social occasion where children have the chance to interact with others and explore and develop a love of good food in a relaxed and welcoming environment. We combine textures, colours and tastes to make each meal a pleasure. Our toddler and pre-school children can help themselves to filtered water at any time of the day at the self-care areas in their rooms. Our babies and teenies have personalised beakers in their rooms and staff make sure that they encourage children to drink water throughout the day.

There are menu’s available for parents to view outside each room and in the entrance foyer along with allergy information. Please ask if you would like any recipes for home. We are always open to new ideas for recipes and ingredients, especially those which are locally sourced!

Main Meals

Our main meals include dishes such as homemade meatballs with couscous, homemade baked beans with jacket potato and grated cheese and salmon pasta bake. For dessert we offer baked apples or pears with cereal topping, stewed berries served with oats or yoghurt served with dried fruits.  We always offer a vegetarian alternative where necessary and can cater for other dietary needs such as gluten or dairy free.

Snacks & Drinks

Mid-morning our children have a choice of homemade dips and spreads served on crackers, rice cakes or oatcakes along with organic cow’s milk and/or filtered water. Our dips include smoked mackerel, avocado and cream cheese, salmon and yoghurt and red pepper and silken tofu! This snack is also served with fruit or vegetable crudities such as sugar snap peas or cucumber sticks.


Mid-afternoon we offer a snack which may be sandwiches, wraps or baguettes with the same variety of fresh home-made fillings, the afternoon snack is also served with vegetable crudities or fresh fruit. For all our meal times we are happy to provide dietary alternatives such as gluten free breads and crackers and dairy free yoghurts.