Growing Up Green

Outside Play

We have three separate outside areas which all children have access to at different times of the day, and for different activities and have used a variety of different play surfaces in each area to ensure suitability for all – decking, artificial lawn and natural grass, as well as a range of moveable structures, toys and activities. Each area is designed to the highest safety standards.

The outdoor areas provide the space to explore and the equipment to stimulate sensory-motor skills, encourage development, and most importantly, encourage children to have a great time playing. Staff plan for guided activities as well as unstructured free play, dependant on age and to extend learning and provide opportunities for all children to participate in a wide range of activities. We also have a vegetable patch, maintained by the children with a little adult guidance and support.

All children go outside twice a day (except for in extreme weather) and we often visit the local parks and shops as well as taking bus trips to the local library or post office. Our Babies and Teenies are taken on walks in double buggies as well as playing in the garden and our older children go out into the community at least once a week to explore, learn and have fun!

We provide sun cream in the summer months and waterproofs for children to wear in the wet weather.